Braggot Brewing

  • Brewer: Enrico Bovero
  • Established: MAY 2022
Welcome to our Braggottery! When mead meets beer... This primeval beverage known as braggot, bracket, or bragwad is made by fermenting honey and grains. It comes from an era when single fermentable sources were scarce, at the dawn of agriculture. The most distinctive ingredient of our braggot is our organic honey made by our bees here in Delta, BC accompanied only by local grains. At Braggot Brewing, we believe in sourcing local ingredients and keeping the ingredients simple and natural. In fact, we make our own honey from our hives in Delta and we use only local grains. We pride ourselves on being 100% organic, local, chemical-free, and Braggot Brewing sustainable, and our processes are optimized to be eco friendly, with low carbon foot print.
  • LOCATION: 102 - 370 Esplanade East, North Vancouver, BC V7L 1A4
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