Detonate Brewing Company

  • Brewer: Jonah Cadieux-Johnson
  • Established: NOVEMBER 2022 ( new ownership)
Originally opened in 2017 by an engineer and brewer named Nathan — or Nate, as in Deto-nate — this operation started off as a tiny nano-brewery that slowly expanded. In 2019, Detonate grew considerably with the addition of a tasting room. Unfortunately, the onset of the pandemic resulted in the closure of that tasting room, which made it impossible to keep the brewery open. Faced with the challenge of supporting his young family, Nate decided to sell the brewery in the spring of 2022. Enter the new owner, Jonah, who comes from a background in the restaurant world, including a stint at Penticton’s Neighbourhood Brewing. Jonah hired Nate to train him on the brewing system and made some changes to the space before reopening in November 2022. The new Detonate Brewing Company embraces variety and creativity in craft beer as was showcased by the opening weekend’s lineup of beers, which included an Imperial Black IPA, an ESB that is actually a blend of two different beers, and — wait for it — a taco beer!
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