Hoyne Brewing Co. Ltd.

  • Brewmaster: Sean Hoyne
  • Established: 2011
With thirty years in the craft brewing industry, Sean Hoyne has earned a reputation for being one of the finest Brewmasters in the Pacific Northwest. Taught by one of the best, Sean had the privilege to learn his trade from Frank Appleton, one of the most influential brewers in BC. Together, they built Swans Brewpub in 1989, where Sean then became Brewmaster. In 1998 Sean moved on and built the brewery at the Canoe Brewpub, where he stayed as the Brewmaster for 13 years. During this time he developed a portfolio of award winning beers and a strong reputation in the local community. Finally, after years of dreaming about owning his own brewery, he finally said goodbye to the Canoe Brewpub in August of 2011. Together, he and his wife Chantal began this next chapter and opened Hoyne Brewing Company. Through Hoyne Brewing Company, Sean continues his tradition of brewing the finest craft beer with uncompromising quality and consistency batch after batch. Following the advice of Frank Appleton, "make great beer and the rest will follow", Sean does just that. He seeks to make the best beer possible, beer that is interesting, flavourful, and enjoyable at every level. Beer that looks good in the glass, feels good in the mouth, and lifts the spirit.

Growler Fill Hours

Mon - Sat 11 am - 6 pm

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