Maple Meadows Brewing

  • Brewmaster: Carlo Baroccio
  • Established: 2015
Our story begins in 2015, when Carlo Baroccio first opened the doors to his brewery, Maple Meadows Brewing. At the time, his was the first craft brewery serving the area of Maple Ridge and quickly garnered the support of the community, maintaining it ever since. We are a very small brewery and we actually prefer it that way. It affords us a lot of independence and creative control that we may not have had otherwise. Instead of constantly worrying about meeting our bottom line or pushing more sales, we have the freedom to concentrate on the fascinating process that is beer-making. We get to brew many small experimental batches and take the time to source out raw materials locally. Placing importance on interacting with our customers in person, we've listened to their feedback and have always worked to produce the beers our local community enjoys drinking most.
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