Marten Brewing Company

  • Brewer: Joe Strickland
  • Established: 2014
Located in the heart of downtown Vernon BC, Marten Brewery and Pub is devoted to brewing premium craft beer. Our focus is to satisfy the thirsts and judicious tastes of our diverse and loyal locals. We offer full-bodied beers, with no preservatives, no additives, which are all-natural and unfiltered! Voted as one of British Columbia’s Best tasting rooms, our brewpub is a place to gather, mingle, relax and celebrate with your friends or family any night of the week, or on special milestones. We also actively participate in the economic vitality of our community, collaborating with local businesses, community groups, musicians, and folks in need. This community drives our enthusiasm to create high-quality beer, more interesting cuisine, and a new opportunity for our community to come together and flourish. So join us at the Marten Brewpub & Grill. Enjoy the atmosphere, have a beer, dive into some great eats and tell us more about what beers your palate loves! Maybe it will be our next brew!
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