Monkey 9 Brewing Co

  • Brewmaster: Travis Lang
  • Established: 2017
Travis Lang was hired as Monkey 9’s graphic designer but from day 1 he was determined to learn the beer business inside out. After shadowing the contract brewers, learning the open system, and bringing in samples of his home brew (which are now being mass produced), it became evident that Travis was destined to no only be the person to design the cans but to also brew the beer inside them. Travis loves the creative freedom that brewing offers to create something that he and the Monkey 9 Team can all be proud of. He focuses on the community and working closely with local farmers and suppliers to utilize the best ingredients possible. Monkey 9 is surrounded by a large gamut of farming and agriculture and Travis’ philosophy is all about showcasing what’s local and supporting local farmers to make great beer. In Travis’ own words, “a brewer is as only as good as the team that backs them. It takes an incredible amount of work and passion to get a brewery to work, and I’ve got some some of the best supporting me behind the tanks."

Growler Fill Hours

11am - 11pm

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