North Basin Brewing Co

  • Brewmaster: Kody Rosentreter
  • Established: NOV 2020
Osoyoos, BC is the place we call home. Our small town provides a different pace of life, with plenty of room for fun and laughter. It’s where families gather for vacations and where friendships are forged under the summer sun. We make beer because it brings people together. It’s the humble drink enjoyed at all occasions, inspiring clinking cans, and shouts of “Cheers!” Sharing a beer with friends is how great stories and adventures begin. It’s the sidekick to that hilarious time with your friends and an integral part of creating memories that will make you smile for years to come. Our brewery is a tribute to Osoyoos and the people who make it so unique. We believe that a small town can be mighty, that one person’s act of kindness can change the day, and that laughing with friends is life’s simplest joy. Beer is a bit of everything; simple and complex, mild and strong, familiar, and unusual. Beer is for everyone, and so is North Basin Brewing Co.We can't promise that our top-notch beer will improve your golf swing or make your jokes funnier, but we can promise exceptional craft beer and a warm Osoyoos welcome to everyone who visits North Basin Brewing Co.
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