Off The Rail Brewing Co

  • Brewer: Michael Patrick Kirkland
  • Established: FEB 15, 2015
Off The Rail Brewing is a craft brewery located in the heart of the ‘Yeast Van’ brewing district, along the bike route at 1351 Adanac St Off the Rail Brewing is equipped with a 2000 L brewhouse and with 2000 L, 4000 L, and 6000L fermentation tanks. Our love of traditional English ales, German lagers, and US IPAs make up the majority of what we brew… along with a few other gems that we put into our tasting room rotation. Founder Steve Forsyth has a long history with Craft Beer, from purveyor of fine Craft Ales during his Railway Club family days, to hop farming at Hatzic Lake, he has had an enthusiasm for all beers Craft. Our recipes are influenced by traditional beer styles, both European and North American and emphasize taste above all else. We hand craft each and every batch and follow the flavour right through to packaging and our room taps. Beer, social engagement, sense of community and sharing with friends are an important part of what we do at Off The Rail Brewing Co.
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