Phillips Brewing & Malting Co

  • Brewer: Damon Bell
  • Established: 2001
Phillips was born in 2001 to a pile of credit card debt and the audacious principle that quality ingredients and a little creative flair can produce great beer. After 20 years and a couple of address changes, their commitment to crafting quality beer continues to remain at the heart of everything they do. [pictured: owner Matt Phillips] TASTING ROOM: If you’ve ever wanted a behind-the-scenes look into our brewery, we’ve got a room with a view and a brew for you. Our new Tasting Room features four large windows right into our packaging hall so you can get a peek in on the action as you enjoy any of the sixteen craft brews on tap. In addition to our craft brews, we have our whole lineup on offer from small-batch distilled spirits to handcrafted natural sodas and tonics. If you’re also feeling peckish, we’ve got a range of curated snacks to pair with your drink selection in our family-friendly space. From a thoughtfully composed cheeseboard, meat sticks infused with our craft beer as well as giant fresh pretzels & homemade mustard, there’ll be something on the menu for the whole family to enjoy.
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