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Posted May 25, 2021

Destination BC COVID-19 Updates

BC Craft Brewers Guild COVID-19 Safety Handbook

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BC Gov News from the Attorney General

May 25, 2021

Today is a good day for our brewing community and our province overall as the Premier and Dr. Henry have rolled out their 4-step BC Restart Plan. The full plan is available here: BC’s Restart: A plan to bring us back together

April 9, 2021

WorkSafeBC supporting PHO closure order

Dr. Henry is delegating power to WorkSafeBC to close businesses with a COVID outbreak. It appears any outbreak will result in a closure of 10 days or more which reinforces the importance of all members and staff respecting the COVID safety protocols at all times.

*Employers are not required to submit plans to WorkSafeBC for approval, but in accordance with the order of the provincial health officer, this plan must be posted at the worksite and posted to the website, if there is one.

The increase in COVID-19 cases is an important reminder that all of us – employers, workers, industry, and stakeholders – have a shared responsibility to remain vigilant in supporting workplace health and safety during the pandemic. For more information on the most recent PHO order and how to keep workplaces healthy and safe, please refer to the following:

BC Craft Brewers Guild Handbook

April 8, 2021

Circuit Breaker Business Relief Grant

Circuit Breaker News Release April 8 2021 NR

The government and in particular Minister Kahlon and his team, have been in direct consultation with the Guild and the other industry stakeholder associations to streamline the process and increase the eligibility to help all members of the hospitality industry affected by the circuit breaker PHO Wednesday, March 31.

The money can be used to help with rent, insurance, employee wages, maintenance, utilities or any other unexpected costs from the circuit breaker on your business.

Info Session for Hospitality Industry: How to apply for BC’s Small and Medium Sized Business Recovery Grant

An info session for the hospitality industry has been set up on the Small and Medium Sized Business Recovery Grant with the program’s Executive Director Elizabeth Vickeroy. The session will take place on Tuesday, April 13 at 10:00 am PT on Zoom.

Register here:

April 1, 2020

Revised Public Health Order: FULL EXEMPTION on the requirement of a full menu service for Brewery Patios!

I am very pleased to forward the latest Public Health Order from Dr. Henry that includes a full exemption from the full menu service requirement to have our patios open. This is great news and I know how much this means to our breweries who were initially affected by the full-service menu requirement and had to close their patios yesterday.

I would like to thank Dr. Henry’s staff, in particular, Dr. Emerson the Deputy Provincial Health Officer for taking our call and listening to our concerns, and agreeing with our recommendation in such a timely fashion. Also the senior staff at the LCRB Mary Sue Maloughney and Jillian Rouselle for their guidance as usual and for arranging our call with Dr. Emerson. And finally, Ravi Parmar in Jobs Minister Ravi Kahlon’s office, who was also very responsive to our concerns and has ensured the timely setup of a meeting with the minister next week to discuss eligibility for current and potential business supports.

Thanks to all the members who also were interviewed and reached out to me beforehand to ask about talking points to keep our message consistent. It makes my job much easier when dealing with the government when we are speaking with the collective voice.

Cheers to the official kick-off of patio season and please, now more than ever, make sure you carefully review and implement all Covid safety protocols in the latest PHO – CLASS Order Food and Liquor Serving Premises (COVID-19) March 31 final (2)


March 29, 2020

Please review today’s official announcement from Dr Henry. These changes come into effect tonight at midnight. As is often with these announcements, there are more questions regarding the regulations and the interpretation in our tasting rooms versus Liquor Primary and Food Primary. Historically, in past PHOs we were are all treated the same and we are advocating for that same alignment as in previous announcements. We are trying to clarify the following for our members:

– if tasting rooms do not offer food items are they restricted to only on-site sales, takeout and home delivery?
– if a business requires a full menu to be able to serve on a patio does a food truck satisfy the PHO requirement?

We will update this announcement when we get answers to the above questions.

Dec 31, 2020

Please see this important change regarding liquor sales in licensed premises including our taprooms effective Dec 31 to January 1. This is completely without consultation and without any warning. We are forwarding the notification from our friends at BCRFA.

URGENT UPDATE: Dr. Bonnie Henry, the Public Health Officer held an update today and announced a revision affecting food and liquor serving establishments as well as retail sales (cold beer and wine, grocery, wineries, breweries, cideries and distillers).

Liquor sales must cease at 8pm on December 31, 2020 until 9am on January 1, 2021. Restaurants are able to stay open with meal service as per the current order (with no alcohol served after 8pm. Pubs and bars must close by 9pm).

Dr. Henry noted that this decision is made as a result of concern that celebrations will result in a further rise in cases. This new order is only in place for this time period.

We can appreciate that this has a big impact on your celebrations and that this comes as a last-minute decision and wanted to ensure you received this as quickly as possible.


Nov 30, 2020

REMINDER of Webinar today at 10am. Can’t make it? Register anyway so you get an email of the recording.

The new Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS) provides direct commercial rent or property expense support to tenants and property owners of qualifying organizations affected by COVID-19.
Restaurants Canada has organized Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) webinar on Monday, November 30th at 10am PST to ask your CERS questions to knowledgeable professionals, learn what support your business can benefit from with the new CERS program, and what the program eligibility requirements are.
The webinar will provide insights into:
  • What lockdown support is and if your business qualifies for it
  • How to apply for the CERS, what the process looks like, and what the financial benefits are for your operation
  • How to retroactively apply for and claim the subsidy
Have a question prepared for the panel of experts? Submit your inquiries in advance here.
Register now for our webinar Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS) Q&A Session with CRA on Monday, November 30th 10am-11am PST.
Can’t make it, but still interested? Register now and the CRA will send you the webinar recording afterwards so you can catch up on your own time.

Nov 24, 2020

Clarification on “Events” in the latest PHO

All in-person events and community-based gatherings as defined in the PHO Order for Gatherings and Events are suspended until December 7, with the exception of weddings, funerals, baptisms, support group meetings, and business meetings.
“Event” refers to anything “which gathers people together whether on a one-time, regular or irregular basis, including a gathering in vacation accommodation, a private residence, banquet hall or other place, a party, worship service, ceremony or celebration of any type, reception, wedding, funeral, celebration of life, musical, theatrical or dance entertainment or performance, live band performance, disc jockey performance, strip dancing, comedic act, art show, magic show, puppet show, fashion show, book signing, reading, recitation, display, movie, film, meeting, conference, lecture, talk, educational presentation (except in a school or post-secondary educational institution), auction, fund raising benefit, contest, competition, quiz, game, rally, festival, presentation, demonstration, athletic, sporting or other physical activity, exhibition, market or fair, including a trade fair, agricultural fair, seasonal fair or episodic indoor event that has as its primary purpose the sale of merchandise or services e.g. Christmas craft markets, home shows, antique fairs and the like and for certainty includes a gathering preceding or following another event.”
  • Patrons must not sing, engage in karaoke, or dance on the premises
  • Jam and open mic sessions must not be held on the premises
  • Background music and any other background sounds must be no louder than the volume of normal conversation
  • If background music is provided by a live performer or performers or a disc jockey, a physical barrier must be installed between the performers and the patrons, which blocks the transmission of droplets, or there must be at least a three metre separation between performers and patrons

Nov 20, 2020

New COVID-19 restrictions and mandatory masks

Good morning Members,

I am sure you are all aware that Dr. Henry has announced new verbal orders applicable to the entire province, effective immediately until noon on December 7, 2020 at midnight unless otherwise extended.

Here are the highlights of the order and how they will affect your business during this time, courtesy of our industry colleagues at ABLE BC. Please note a copy of the actual order is not yet available, and we will distribute it as soon as it is available.

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns.

Nov 12, 2020

Please read the excellent summary from ABLE regarding the industry’s concerns since the new Public Health Order from November 7th. Jeff from ABLE BC has been voicing the industry concerns with the Public Health Office as linked below.

ABLE PHO Clarification

Once again it is of the utmost importance that all members maintain their high standards for covid safety and over the next 2 weeks and beyond in the regions that are affected and across the province. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Sept 18, 2020

Patios, service area and sale and delivery of packaged liquor extended

Here is the note from Megan Harris to summarize:

PD 20-26 – Temporary Expanded Service Areas (TESA) authorization extension

  • Extension TESA authorizations until October 31, 2021.
  • LCRB will be reaching out to local governments to confirm their support for the extension of approved TESA authorizations in their jurisdiction prior to extensions being granted.
  • All licensees with current TESA authorizations, whose local governments support extension, will be reissued authorization letters automatically extending the expiry date of their authorizations before Oct. 31, 2020.
  • There will be no application or fee required for this extension and applications for new TESA authorizations will be accepted until Oct. 31, 2021.
  • Unless a new authorization letter has been issued, existing TESAs will expire on Oct. 31, 2020.

LCRB PD 20-26 – Temporary Expanded Service Area (TESA) authorization extension

September 2020 Manufacturer Handbook

PD 20-27 – LP FP Off-site sales extension

  • Extension of the temporary authorization for food primary and liquor primary licensees to sell and deliver packaged liquor to patrons with the purchase of a meal for off-site consumption until March 31, 2021.

LCRB PD 20-27 – Off-site consumption extension

Please let us know if you have any questions, but I believe LCRB has done an excellent job of putting together these materials.

Sept 7, 2020

URGENT COVID-19 Update: revised Public Health Order effective immediately

Aat 3pm today Dr. Henry announced a new Public Health Order will be released shortly. Effective immediately:

  • All night clubs are closed.
  • All stand alone banquet halls are closed.
  • Liquor sales must come to an end at 10 pm. 
  • Liquor-serving establishments must close at 11:00 pm, unless they are providing meal service, in which case meal service – but not liquor service – may continue until normal closing hours.
  • Background music and live bands must be no louder than the volume of normal conversation.
This is a strong reaction to the number of cases in B.C. and another difficult development for the hospitality industry. There are few details available on the contents of the PHO and we will be engaging immediately with public health officials.
Please note: a copy of the revised public order is not yet available. Once the Public Health Order is released, we will provide a copy along with any necessary clarifications.

August 21, 2020

Please read the new measures announced by the Solicitor General today regarding the small portion of the public that seems intent on disregarding the Public Health Orders and are causing needless stress for the staff in the hospitality industry. As you have most likely seen in the media this week, there have been numerous stories regarding outbreaks and closures of licensed premises. Most of these cases are accounts being proactive in terms of contact tracing of a patron who has not taken the precautions outlined in the social distancing protocols personally and continues to act as they did pre COVID. The hospitality industry has asked for stronger law enforcement for the public so our staff and our customers remain safe in our locations. We are confident the vast majority of hospitality licenses have implemented measures above and beyond the protocols and our industry associations’ message is united: If you can’t abide by the rules in place to protect you… STAY HOME!!

Province introduces new measures to enforce COVID-19 public safety

Quick Facts:

  • The specifics around orders of the PHO, including the numbers allowable at gatherings, will continue to be set at the direction of the PHO.
  • To report concerns around order violations from event organizers, venues or individuals, contact your local government’s bylaw office. Local bylaw officers can help followup on concerns and engage the Unified Command Centre, police departments, health officers and WorkSafeBC as necessary. If unable to reach a local bylaw office, contact your local police department’s non-emergency line.
  • An additional measure in this Emergency Program Act order is the requirement for compliance and enforcement agencies (i.e., police departments, local authorities) to report on these activities when requested.
Effective immediately, these new measures are enacted under the provincial state of emergency, using the extraordinary powers of the Emergency Program Act (EPA) in ongoing support of B.C.’s COVID-19 response and Restart Plan.

August 18, 2020

Federal government launches updated Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy calculator to support employers

Earlier this week, the Hon. Diane Lebouthillier, Minister of National Revenue, launched an updated and improved Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy online calculator. It will help small and large employers alike prepare to apply for the next period of the CEWS program, which will open for applications on August 17.

The CEWS calculator can be found on the CRA’s Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy web page, which includes detailed information to help employers understand how the CEWS can support their employees and operations, who is eligible to apply, and how to claim periods are structured.

Important update re the importing of hops and other commodities

We have heard from a small sampling of members who had ordered hops from out of the country that they are being asked to provide their licenses under the recently announced Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (July 15, 2020). We have asked Rick Dalmazzi from the Canadian Craft Brewers Association to discuss this in Ottawa with CFIA. The following is Rick’s response and his advice if you are asked for this license during COVID.

I have received definitive direction from my contact at the Canada Food Inspection Agency. It is as follows:

– the SFCR regulations came into effect on July 15, 2020
– once the CFIA starts to enforce the regulations, breweries WILL need a license to import hops and other commodities that are covered by SFCR
– however, the CFIA has suspended its enforcement of the regulations to give food manufacturers, including breweries, more time to acquire licenses and implement process changes such as traceability
– therefore, as of right now and until further notice by the CFIA, breweries DO NOT NEED licenses to import hops and other commodities

If a brewery is asked for proof of license, they should ask the Border Services Officer (BSO) at the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to consult their operational bulletin, or the BSO could contact CBSA HQ, or the BSO could ask the National Import Services Centre (NISC) for clarification.

If all that fails, have the brewery contact me directly.”

Rick Dalmazzi
Executive Director | Canadian Craft Brewers Association
Directeur exécutif | Association des microbrasseries canadiennes | 705-205-8000

August 11, 2020

Guidelines for vendor representatives visiting BC Liquor Stores during COVID-19

Please review the attached from the BCLDB regarding their COVID protocols for allowing reps to resume in-store visits. Effective Monday, August 17 your reps can book an appointment to visit a store. Please do not drop-in to the stores without a prior appointment or engage store personnel for business-related matters during personal shopping visits.

Guidelines for Vendor Representatives visiting BC Liquor Stores during COVID-19

As you can imagine these front line workers have been instrumental in keeping the stores open and management is now comfortable enough with the safety protocols in place to allow vendors back into the stores under these revised guidelines. Please ensure your staff abide by these guidelines, thank the staff for their service during the pandemic and we strongly suggest wearing a mask while visiting the stores. 

REMINDER: Serving it Right

Serving It Right Certificates that were obtained prior to 2015 will all expire on September 15, 2020. Please ensure your staff, managers and yourself complete the exam.

August 8, 2020

Working with our industry partners we successfully secured several important changes for our industry, reflected in the new public order

After a week of working with the office of the Provincial Health Officer and LCRB, Dr. Henry released a new public order for licensed establishments. This order took effect July 31 and replaces and repeals the public order released on July 23.

Important changes:

  • Clarity around rules for manufacturer licenses: patrons do not need to remain seated in a premise with a manufacturer’s license (i.e. do not need to be seated during a tasting). Please see sections 2-6 for more details.
  • Dance floors must remain closed with physical barriers or occupied with tables. Patrons must not song, engage in Karaoke, or dance on the premises. The new public order also clarifies that jam and open mic sessions must not be held on premises.

Please review the full Provincial Health Officer Public Order here.

The amended public order is an example of the Provincial Health Officer and government being very responsive to our industry’s concerns. We thank government for yet again supporting our industry during this crisis.

July 29, 2020

Industry recommendation that all front of house staff should wear masks

With the recent increase in COVID-19 cases being reported daily coupled with a long weekend approaching, we feel it’s important to not only share a review of our industry recommended protocols and handbook (July 23 below), but at this time also strongly recommend that if your staff are not wearing masks, that they do so. We trust that you are doing your best to adhere to the protocols to keep your patrons and staff safe however we’re seeing an increasing number of clusters originating from hospitality establishments around the province so we feel it’s important to step up our precautions. This initiative is also endorsed by the BC Restaurant and Foodservice Association (BCRFA) and ABLE BC.

To reconfirm, the Guild is strongly recommending that all members have their front of house staff wear masks or other PPE while serving and interacting with customers.

While you are not required by the PHO to do this, we are hearing from more and more consumers who expect their servers to be wearing masks.

July 23, 2020

I am happy to announce through the coordinated advocacy efforts of the Guild and ABLE BC we have been successful in allowing an exemption for manufacturer licensees to be permitted to continue to serve alcohol from their bar to patrons in the latest Public Health office order.  We want to thank the collaborative efforts of ABLE BC and the consultation and guidance provided by the staff and the general manager at the LCRB.

Please read the new Provincial Health Officer Public Order here and the exemption is in regulation #10.

BCCBG COVID-19 Handbook

Now is not the time to be lax when it comes to these rules and our guidelines! Please review our guidelines and please pay attention to these rules and how your customers are interacting with your staff and each other while on your premises. Let us not have our members be the focus of an outbreak covered by the media. If you suspect employees may have been exposed, please do the right thing and close your business temporarily as we have seen from the exemplary example of Rustic Reel in Kelowna and several restaurant chain locations in the lower mainland. The BC  manufacturing sector has had a big win today with this exemption. Please make sure you are complying with all our guidelines and the regulations contained in today’s Provincial Health Officer Public Order here.

COVID-19 Protocol Reminders!

  • Contact tracing is highly recommended, if a known COVID case was on your premise, you need to be able to contact your guests to inform them, so they can monitor their symptoms and self-isolate if needed. Contact details are to be recorded for 1 person per family/party either from reservation booking or recorded upon arrival prior to being seated. Contact tracing importance has been demonstrated during the recent Kelowna outbreak.
  • Required 2m/6ft distance between chairs, not tables. There must be a 2m/6ft distance between the chairs from table to table, this distance is not between the tables; this pertains to restaurants, bars, cafes during normal operation, buy-outs and events under 50 patrons.
  • Sanitizing Frequently– Every table and all chairs must be sanitized between seatings, along with high touch areas (i.e bathroom doors, menus, condiments, card machines, front desks) on a frequent schedule.
  • Washing/sanitizing Hands- Staff members need to be washing/sanitizing their hands between tables, before serving food, taking away touched menus, processing payments/dealing with cash, clearing tables etc.

Please make sure you read and understand the most recent order  You are required under section 42 of the Public Health Act to comply with this Order. Failure to comply with this Order is an offence under section 99 (1) (k) of the Public Health Act.

July 16, 2020

Here’s a round-up of this week’s important updates from our partners at ABLE BC:

  • Important: how to access wholesale pricing on July 20
  • Hospitality Product Catalogue: Training Video and Sample Hospitality Price List
  • BC Government proposes significant changes to Workers’ Compensation Act
  • Save the date: BC Liquor Conference is going virtual
  • Reminder: Liquor Primary Reopening Protocols and Best Practices

Read the full update here

We’ve had questions from a few members regarding growler fills. We shared our recommendations on growler fills and protocols for how to safely clean and handle them in our Handbook (pg 5) that we sent to you all early June. Please do take the time to review this in full and have a printed version on hand for reference.

BCCBG COVID-19 Handbook

July 13, 2020

The government has announced today extensions to temporary policies regarding retail store hours and deliveries and the sale and delivery of packaged liquor for off-site consumption with the purchase of a meal for take-out or delivery. However, effective July 16, 2020, food primary and liquor primary will no longer be allowed to sell draught beer in growlers and bombers for off-site consumption.

The extension was among a series of recommendations from the Business Technical Advisory Panel, which consists of liquor and hospitality industry representatives (including the BC Craft Brewers Guild), to help support struggling hospitality workers and businesses during the pandemic. The BC Craft Brewers Guild through our partners on the BTAP committee had also requested that growler and bombers fills be removed as our members felt it is no longer necessary for liquor and food primary licenses to be authorized to sell draught beer for off-site consumption. We are pleased to see this announcement was part of today’s communications.

We would like to thank Minister Eby and his staff for listening to this request from our membership and allowing growlers to once again only be filled under a manufacturer’s license.

Extension of temporary hours of sale and delivery

Extension of temporary authority for the sale and delivery of packaged liquor for off-site consumption with the purchase of a meal for take-out or delivery

Press Release: Delivery of packaged liquor from restaurants, pubs extended

June 22, 2020

LDB Extension to the Period 5/August 2 Price Change Deadline

As you know the government revised its policy last week temporarily allowing all FP and LP licenses equal access to full wholesale pricing. This may have caught some of our members by surprise and they may have missed the opportunity to adjust their wholesale pricing therefore the LDB is offering an extension for manufacturers to submit adjusted wholesale prices until Wednesday, June 24 at 5pm.

Revised Public Health Order Effective June 19, 2020

On June 19, 2020, the PHO issued a revised Health Order as it pertains to food service establishments and liquor services. The main changes are to match the use of barrier regulations between the PHO and the WorkSafe Guidelines. Now the specific measurements (1.2 m) have been removed in favour of the WorkSafe Guidelines.


To officially allow barriers in lieu of distance and allow some use of physical barriers to set your new occupancy level.

Bullet 1: Patrons must be able to maintain a distance of two metres from other patrons, whether seated or standing, unless they are in the same party if they are separated by physical barriers.

Bullet 2: There must be two metres between parties of patrons, whether seated or standing, unless parties are separated by physical barriers.

Bullet 4: There must be a distance of two metres between the backs of the seats of patrons seated at adjacent tables or booths, even if members of the same party are seated at adjacent tables or booths unless the adjacent tables or booths are separated by physical barriers.


Clarify that the limit on groups of 6 is for seated at a table, a booth OR standing together in Bullet 3.


Contact details must now be collected for patrons attending events, still capped at 50 guests.

Download the new Public Health Order > covid-19-pho-order-nightclubs-food-drink

June 16, 2020

ANNOUNCEMENT: Wholesale Liquor Pricing for BC Licensees

We are pleased to inform you that the provincial government has just announced that effective July 20th, hospitality licensees including restaurants, bars and pubs will be able to temporarily purchase all liquor products at a discounted wholesale price. This policy will remain in place until March 31, 2021, at which time the program will be reviewed.

Ministry of Attorney General News Release 2020AG0042

Full LDB Update: Temporary hospitality pricing model changes, review of LDB distribution centre complete

Update from LDB_ Temporary hospitality pricing model changes, review of LDB distribution centre complete

Feel free to share the Guild’s Press Release: Press Release – BC Craft Brewers Guild (Wholesale)

June 15, 2020

Vancouver Breweries – Update on both Public and Private Property Patio Spaces

From the City of Vancouver, June 12, 2020 

We understand the importance of the Temporary Patio Program for local economic recovery and have dedicated staff to prioritizing all incoming applications. The Temporary Expedited Patio Permit was launched for outdoor patios on public property on June 1 and we are continuing to make policy changes in support of outdoor patios on private properties in the coming weeks.  This next phase will focus on patios on private property as well as suggest policy solutions for breweries, wineries and distilleries.

As we gear up for the next phase, we are now directing applicants to email their enquiries to patio approvals staff as follows:

  • All patios proposed for private property, including breweries:
  • Brewery patios proposed for public property:

We are encouraging businesses intending to serve alcohol to obtain Provincial approval for a temporary service area expansion in advance, so that this step in their patio application is complete.

Please review the application program HERE.

June 11, 2020


Today, the Provincial Health Officer released a NEW PUBLIC ORDER, removing the 50% capacity limit for premises, including licensed premises, in which food or drink is served. Those establishments that can meet the social distancing requirements of the order are permitted to open, regardless of license type.  The order also provides clarity on the types of barriers that can be used to maximize capacity in your tasting areas both inside and outside.


  • Capacity limits are based on maintaining (and monitoring) distancing of 2 m. This must be updated in your WorkSafe BC Safety plan.
  • Patrons seated at separate tables must be 2 m apart or have a clear washable partition that measures at least 1.2 m above the tabletop.
  • If you have booths, you must have a partition that raises the height of the back of the booth to at least 1.2 m from the top of the table.

Download a copy of the PHO public order here.

June 3, 2020

COVID-19 Brewery Handbook for Reopening

The Guild would like to present to you our COVID-19 Manufacturing Guidelines Handbook for reopening your businesses. These are intended to emphasize our COVID-19 protocols and procedures in order to ensure a safe environment for your staff and your customers. We have collaborated extensively with other industry sectors to create these best practises and tailor them to your needs. The guidelines are based on the WorksafeBC Safety Plan and the best practices of various other associations, most notably the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association. Moving forward, the most important aspect is to present a province-wide protocol that will demonstrate to our employees and customers that we have a consistent plan that aligns completely with the Public Health Office’s order.

BCCBG COVID-19 Handbook

May 29, 2020

Patios – COVID-19 Temporary Extension Application

As you know the BCCBG was part of the industry initiative to support B.C.’s licensed establishments in safely reopening for business while respecting the physical distancing guidelines outlined by the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) orders, this new authorization permits food primary, liquor primary and manufacturer licensees (i.e., wineries, breweries, distilleries) to temporarily expand their service areas until October 31, 2020.

Apply NOW

May 19, 2020

Update: Tasting Room Endorsement Capacity

There was much confusion for our members regarding the capacity allowed under the Health Order from the initial announcement on Saturday May 16. The Guild worked with Global Public Affairs to amend the Public Health Order and create consistent capacity requirements across all licenses.

The updated Public Health Order has been reposted to include clear and concise language in terms of capacity for the holders of a Manufacturer’s Onsite Lounge endorsement, a Manufacturer’s Onsite Tasting Room Endorsement or a Manufacturer’s On-site Store Endorsement. We are pleased to announce that this morning the new Order was reposted and specifically addressed our ask and now includes the following clarification:

f. there must be no more than 50% of the usual capacity of patrons present at one time;

g. there must be no events held at the establishment that include more than 50 people;

A full copy of the updated Order is available here.

Update – Patios Motion Unanimously Approved by Vancouver Council

We are also pleased to announce that Vancouver City Council passed unanimously a motion to permit breweries to apply for patios. This is a major step forward and one the Guild has been working on with Global Public affairs since last year. Ironically the COVID recovery plan allowed this opportunity to be prioritized and passed quickly. This is important as it will set a precedent for municipalities across the province who like Vancouver may have restricted our members from expanding into patios. As you know, we were part of the provincial campaign sending letters to all municipal councils across the province to endorse patio/picnic licenses for our members.

Vancouver Patio Motion

May 16, 2020

NEW Provincial Health Officer Order confirms May 19, 2020 reopening date with restrictions

Yesterday WorkSafeBC released their reopening protocols and guidelines for restaurants, cafes, and pubs. View the protocols here

The new order is addressed to all parties included in the March 20 PHO order:
  • Owners and operators of places at which food and/or drink is prepared and served
  • Owners and operators of places at which meals and drinks, including drinks containing liquor, are prepared and served
  • Owners and operators of retail liquor establishments
  • Holders of liquor licenses and liquor license endorsements that do not offer meal service at their premises
It repeals and replaces the PHO order made on March 20, 2020, but does not take effect until May 19, 2020.

May 12, 2020

Reference Materials for Best Practices for Phase 2 Reopening During COVID-19

Reference materials related to Best Practices for Phase 2 Reopening during COVID

Municipalities-patio request for support Template -May2020-F

May 8, 2020

Flexible, Innovative, and Expedited Patio Permitting

The BCRFA, ABLE BC, BC Craft Brewers Guild and the BCWI submitted a letter to all the Mayors and Councillors in our province on behalf of British Columbia’s 14,500 hospitality businesses—including restaurants, bars, craft breweries, and winery tasting rooms requesting their urgent support to aid the survival of local hospitality businesses and thousands of livelihoods during this pandemic crisis. Specifically, requesting assistance for flexible, innovative, and expedited patio permitting. Full details.

May 6, 2020

Provincial Government Update: BC’s Restart Plan

British Columbians will move forward with safely restarting the province beginning in mid-May, according to a plan announced by Premier John Horgan.
Read BC’s Restart Plan here.

COVID-19 Liquor Industry Update: May 6

Here’s what else you’ll find in today’s COVID-19 update:
  • BC’s Restart Plan: reopening the province
  • 1-minute ABLE BC survey: Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance Program
  • Free Labatt Webinar: Navigating the Alcohol Industry in the Era of COVID-19
  • One-on-one support program available to BC tourism businesses: BC Tourism Resiliency Network
  • Canadian Hospitality Worker Relief Fund: applications open today
  • Helpful links and resources

April 29, 2020

COVID-19 Liquor Industry Update: April 29

Here’s what you’ll find in today’s COVID-19 update:
  • New 1-minute ABLE BC survey: Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance Program
  • Western Financial Group: Employee Benefits Announcement
  • Property taxes in Vancouver delayed until September
  • New COVID-19 resource hub:
  • ABLE BC Member Discount: outdoor signage
  • Pro bono coaching offer for ABLE BC members
  • Hand sanitizer retooling update: federal licensing process required

April 14, 2019

Time to Buy BC Launches

Time to Buy BC  is a non-political movement aimed at providing the BC consumer with an informed choice when buying alcoholic beverages. By supporting local businesses, we can save our local economy. We launch today across BC reminding consumers to support and promote BC business and manufacturers by purchasing products produced by the BC Beverage Alcohol Sector. Today we represent the BC Beverage Alcohol Sector but we are willing to align with any BC business or manufacturer that believes in our goal. Full Press Release. TTBBC Press Release

April 9, 2020

What has the BC Craft Brewers Guild been working on?

Broken down by Federal, Provincial and Municipal initiatives. Read the full update. 

April 2, 2020

COVID-19 Liquor Industry Update: April 2

  • BDL Update: Current Ordering Procedure
  • LDB Update
  • Looking to re-open your Liquor Primaries for take-out and delivery?
  • New provincial guidelines to support compliance with orders on business closures and gatherings
  • BC taking further action to support essential service providers during the pandemic
  • 10 things small businesses can do to help address cash flow issues
  • Supply Products and Services to Support BC’s COVID-19 Response
  • No-Cost Ways to Cut Your Energy Costs In Uncertain Times

Revised and New Policy Directive for Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing and Packaging

Please read the attached document on the process to apply to Health Canada along with a link to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommended production processes and other pertinent links.

4 1 2020 BCLCRB Hand Sanitizer Authorization

April 1, 2020

COVID-19 Liquor Industry Update: April 1

  • Canada Emergency Response Benefit applications open next week
  • Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy available starting next week
  • British Columbia’s State of Emergency extended to April 14
  • go2HR: Your HR & OHS Resource During the COVID-19 Crisis
  • BC Hydro launches 3-month coronavirus relief package for customers
  • Post Shift Podcast interview with ABLE BC Executive Director Jeff Guignard
  • Call to ABLE BC Associate Members
  • Complete the City of Vancouver COVID-19 Business Survey

March 31, 2020

Recommended COVID-19 Protocol for Brewing Employees

Beer Canada understands that successfully managing the COVID-19 situation is a top priority for Canadian brewing companies, employees and brewery visitors.We have developed this document to help provide a consistent approach in responding to a situation where an employee is symptomatic, reports positive for COVID-19 and/or where an employee/facility visitor is exposed (in close contact) to an employee who is positive for COVID-19. This document can be accessed here.

COVID-19 Liquor Industry Update: March 31

  • Webinar on April 1: Essential Workplaces and Services
  • Mental Health Resources and Counselling during COVID-19
  • Update from ContainerWorld
  • Complete the City of Vancouver COVID-19 Business Survey

March 30, 2020

COVID-19: Supports for Small Businesses in B.C.

Small Business BC Supports For the latest information on small business supports, resources and advisory services during COVID-19, please visit Small Business BC. Advisors are ready to help by phone at 1-800-667-2272, email and daily digital meetups. Read more.

March 26, 2020

We have received numerous concerns and comments regarding the temporary policy allowing Food primary and Liquor Primary licenses to fill growlers from their draught lines. There was confusion earlier this week and the guild dealt directly with LCRB to clarify the rules.

The new directive from today is attached along with the LP and FP handbook (pages 18 and 19):

To be clear, according to the LCRB: “you may sell packaged beer, including draught beer in new glass vessels referred to as growlers and bombers of a size no less than one litre supplied by you.” That means your customers are not allowed to sell in champagne bottles, take out beverage containers, two-litre pop containers, bottles with flip-tops, mason jars or any other type of container. The container cannot be refilled and the growler needs to be part of the purchased meal, not sold on its own.

Government has reacted quite quickly to implement emergency supports for liquor licensees, such as allowing Liquor Primaries and Food Primaries to sell alcohol with take-out and delivery mealsBy contravening the spirit of these rules, licensees risk being shut down for the duration of this crisis. Your actions could also compromise the ability of other licensees to offer these services in full compliance with Public Health Orders. This is a temporary order that extends until July 15, 2020. 

Please advise your accounts of the policy and ensure they are complying with the rules as the LCRB is monitoring the accounts and their social media.

COVID-19 Liquor Industry Update from ABLE BC: March 27

March 25, 2020

Global Public Special Edition Government Response

BC Government Update, Housing, Health and more.

COVID-19 Liquor Industry Update: March 25

  • House of Commons Passes Modified Bill C-13
  • BC Government announcement: support for renters and landlords
  • LDB update: not accepting returns and intermittent product delays
  • BC Liquor Stores update: Sunday closures
  • BDL update
  • New resources and tools for your business
  • BC Ferries: avoid non-essential travel at this time
  • Grocery Stores: need for temporary staff

Weathering COVID-19: Tips for Small Businesses and their Staff

Adam from Moody Ales and The Bakery has passed along this SUPER helpful information from his accountant. MUST READ! including: What NOT to pay, work sharing, Emergency Response Benefit, wage subsidies and more! Thank you to David Gregory, CPA, CA of Gregory, Yick & Associates.

Weathering COVID-19_ Tips for Small Businesses and their Staff

Guidance to B.C. manufacturers during COVID-19 limiting gatherings in the workplace

March 23, 2020

Notice to Membership Regarding Hospitality Pricing

We strongly support the recent move to allow bars and restaurants to sell craft beer bottles and cans for takeaway to consumers along with the purchase of meals.  However, we want to clarify to our membership that packaged beer sold to the hospitality channel must be sold at hospitality pricing.  It is illegal to offer wholesale prices to hospitality customers. We continue to work with government to extend wholesale pricing into the Hospitality channel but that is still a work in process.

COVID-19 Liquor Industry Update from ABLE BC: March 23

  • $5 billion provincial COVID-19 action plan announced
  • Ontario and Quebec order closure of all non-essential businesses
  • Sign the Save Small Business petition today
  • Delivering liquor with take-away and delivery meals: revised timeline for Serving it Right requirements
  • Delivering liquor with take-away and delivery meals: packaging clarification
  • Update: accepting cash at your establishment
  • Healthcare Jobs on go2HR Job Board

Help us to help you get the word out to the residents of BC that the craft beer industry is still open for business and we want their support!

First step: Fill in this quick questionnaire

Please return this to us ASAP. We are going to add the information to your profile on the BC Craft Brewers Guild, and (if applicable) BC Ale Trail website and App to highlight your Temporary Brewery Operations. We have small updates to both websites in progress now.

For BC Ale Trail breweries in the app, you may have noticed the new keyword search functionality. We can now flag your brewery with multiple categories so we’ve added Delivery and Take Out. Users can search the full list of either for quick reference. Your social media is linked in your profile and users can navigate there for full information (see Linktree below). We will be promoting all of these updates to the public once we have your information back and loaded into the app.

This information provided will also be incorporated into a larger cross liquor industry sector campaign that is the works to promote BUY BC. More to come on that!

March 22, 2020

Save Small Business Petition

A coalition of small businesses have put together this petition. The federal government is in the midst of forming their aid package, and are so far relying on us to take on more debt to save our economy. It’s urgent our voices are heard. The House of Commons is sitting at 2PM on Tuesday, so we have to create a lot of noise and gather a lot of signatures ASAP. The real message here is that small businesses need aid, they need rent relief and labour subsidy, not a bunch of debt.

Full information and petition HERE.

COVID-19 Liquor Industry Update for March 22, 2020 from ABLE BC:

Included in today’s email:

  • Update: What are Essential Services?
  • Update: Federal Government Emergency Funding
  • Update: Liquor Primary access to BDC Loans
  • Update: Liquor Primaries and Food Primaries allowed to sell alcohol with take-away and delivery meals
  • Off-sales endorsement clarification
  • Update from BDL
  • Webinar Tomorrow: Navigating COVID-19 – Employment Information
  • Vancouver Food and Beverage Community Relief Fund

March 21, 2020

Effective immediately, LPs and FPs are allowed to sell alcohol with take-away and delivery meals.

Restaurants allowed to use unemployed servers to deliver liquor products. BC Gov’t News.

March 20, 2020

go2HR Job Board Opens to Health Care Jobs

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many tourism and hospitality employers have to reduce opening hours, lay off employees, or even shut down the operation completely. While some employers have come up with ways to assist their displaced employees, many are still impacted by the shortage of work. go2HR is pleased to offer a solution to help your staff find temporary employment during this trying time.

As you know, the healthcare sector, including private care homes and senior residences, has an urgent staffing need. They have job openings that are suitable for displaced tourism and hospitality employees, such as front desk, servers, kitchen staff and housekeepers. These positions are a perfect transition for your staff while we are riding out the storm. More Information.

BC Liquor Stores open, taking extra steps to battle COVID-19

BC Liquor Stores (BCLS) are adjusting hours of operation, in part, to ensure BCLS staff complete additional store cleaning in the off hours, in order to minimize risk to both employees and customers and help stem the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The number of customers permitted in stores will also be limited, where required, in order to allow for observance of the self-distancing guidelines outlined by the provincial health officer and the Ministry of Health.  Read more.

The Canadian Payroll Association


March 19, 2020

RBC Temporary Credit Relief Program

Effective Tuesday, March 17, 2020 – RBC has introduced a temporary program aimed at providing credit relief due to the impact of COVID-19. The program is currently set until June 30, 2020 or until further notice.

Full information.

Business Development Canada

The federal government has announced $10 billion in funding for establishing a Business Credit Availability Program under the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) and Export Development Canada (EDC). This funding will be in the form of loans to support business operations, finance purchasing, and provide capital.  BDC will support businesses in getting bridge financing in the form of small business loans, working capital loans, or purchase order financing to help businesses weather the economic impacts of COVID-19. Visit the BDC’s landing page here.

The Business Credit Availability Program (BCAP) announced by the Finance Minister will be in the form of a working capital loan for any business that requires additional financing to get through this tough time. This working capital loan is meant to cover at least 6 months’ worth of operating expenses with flexible terms and rates. Clients should reach out to BDC (Business Development Canada), FCC (Farm Credit Canada) or EDC (Export Development Canada) for the next step and application process.

More information.

BCLS Operating Hours Changing

The LDB has made the operational decision that starting tomorrow, March 19 we will be changing BC Liquor Stores (BCLS) operating hours.

Due to increased staff shortages, we will be operating between 11:00am – 7:00pm, Monday through Saturday and normal operating hours on Sundays. If we continue to experience escalating staffing shortages, some stores may need to reduce operating hours further.  The decision to further reduce hours will be determined on a case-by-case basis. In cases where landlords/malls are limiting hours, BCLS will be required to comply accordingly.

To further minimize the risks to our employees and our customers, BCLS staff will be using the extra time to complete additional store cleaning as part of measures being taken to stem the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Signage will be placed on store entranceways to indicate adjusted store hours.

The LDB remains committed to our customers and industry and this is the right decision to ensure the highest level of customer service to both.

At this time both our Delta and Kamloops Distribution Centres are fully functional and we are not experiencing supply chain impacts.

March 18, 2020

The Prime Minister announced more support for workers and businesses through Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan, support and new measures include:

  • Up to $27 billion in direct support to Canadian workers and businesses, plus $55 billion to meet liquidity needs of Canadian businesses and households.
  • Closing the border between Canada and the U.S. for non-essential travel until further notice.

Ken is working with our industry partners on communication regarding the federal government’s $82Billion relief package and its impact on our members. Details coming later today.

BC Liquor Stores Remain Open 

There have been a number of rumours circulating that BC Liquor Stores are closing. The LDB has assured us that BCLS are open for business and the LDB has no plans to close stores.
The following messaging was recently shared on the BC Liquor Stores website:
BC Liquor Stores remain open for business for our customers.  Some locations may experience modified hours of operation.  Please visit the “store” tab on the website for more up-to-date information on store hours.
We are closely monitoring the global situation with COVID-19 as it continues to evolve.  The health and safety of our customers, communities and employees is our highest priority.  For more information on our response to COVID-19, click here.
Thank you for your understanding as we continue to navigate this fast changing situation. 

March 17, 2020

In response to the recent updates from the Provincial Health Authority and Vancouver Coastal Health, the BC Craft Brewers Guild Board strongly recommends that all member breweries suspend their tasting room sampling immediately if you have not already done so. While not an easy decision, we feel this is the next essential step. We are very proud of our brewery members’ efforts so far to flatten the curve and help keep British Columbians safe.

At this time, breweries can continue to offer off-sale purchases of package products or home delivery. We will make every effort to share this information with the public via the BC Craft Brewers Guild and BC Ale Trail social media channels. Please tag us on your social media posts if you are advertising these services, so we can share. @bccraftbeer @bcaletrail

Can you offer a delivery service? 

Many of you across the province have asked about home delivery options and here is the information from the Manufacturers Handbook. If you are permitted to deliver directly to other licensees under your licence, you may deliver your product from either your store or a registered off-site storage facility. Guidance is available on pages 18 and 19 of the Manufacturer Terms and Conditions.

Recording and Delivering Your Products to the Public

You may deliver liquor to customers using your own employees or a third-party service under the following terms and conditions:

  • You must ensure deliveries are made by and to people legally able to drink liquor, and only to places where liquor may be legally possessed and consumed (i.e. private homes).
  • You must ask customers to show proof of age at the time of delivery.
  • You cannot deliver to a person who is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
  • Your charge for the liquor must be the price of the liquor plus a separate delivery charge. You must inform customers of both charges when they place their order.
  • You may deliver from your retail store only. You cannot deliver from your registered off site storage.
  • You must keep delivery transaction records for at least six years. These records must include the date, time and address of each delivery, the products purchased, the prices charged, delivery fees and total amount paid.
  • You or your staff must process and prepare the order to be delivered by you, your staff or a third-party delivery service.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that anyone delivering for you follows these rules, including a person who is not your employee. As the licensee, you will be held accountable for any contravention that takes place while liquor is delivered from your store.

Employment Insurance 

We are working to gather as much up to date information as we can at this time. The federal government is expected to update and expand the EI process but have not announced anything new this week. Here is the most recent information more focused on those diagnosed or experiencing symptoms and not laid off due to business interruption or closures.

March 16, 2020

COVID-19 Update: Resources from our official insurance provider Capri CMW

As concerns around the spread of COVID-19 continue growing, we are monitoring the latest developments in order to keep our clients, business partners and employees safe. We wanted to share with you a couple of resources that may be helpful to minimize the impact of this outbreak on your business.  Read more.

BC Updates:

  • There are now 103 confirmed cases in British Columbia.
  • Scheduled surgeries will be cancelled and there will be a focus on urgent surgeries and medical needs.
  • All casinos will be closed in B.C.
  • This is now a ban on events with more than 50 people.
  • The BC government remains concerned that US visitors are still allowed into Canada.

 Federal updates:

  • Canada is closing our borders, denying entry to those who are not citizens or permanent residents. Exceptions will be made for immediate family members, diplomats, flight crews and U.S. citizens.
  • Airlines will receive a formal order to ban all travelers that are presenting symptoms from boarding aircraft destined for Canada. Anyone with symptoms cannot enter Canada.
  • An assistance program will be introduced for asymptomatic Canadian’s abroad to return to Canada.
  • Starting on Wednesday, March 18 international flights will be rerouted to Montreal, Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver for dedicated enhanced screening. This will not impact domestic flights and those from the USA, Mexico and the Caribbean. This will not impact trade.

Daily updates will be provided at noon ET starting tomorrow.
10 billion dollars will also be made available to support businesses.
Additional measures may be announced starting tomorrow.

Further updates from Vancouver’s Mayor Stewart and staff include:
  • No local state of emergency at this time.
  • An Emergency Operations Centre has been established through the Vancouver Emergency Management Agency and have raised their alert to “Level 2”.
  • Day camps in parks facilities will remain open.
  • City-owned daycares will remain open.
  • Social distancing (1 metre) is strongly encouraged, including in restaurants and bars.
  • Bars and restaurants will not be closed and the City will not be policing 50 person capacity and social distancing.
  • They will be asking the province to adjust the criteria for property tax deferral program and asking that it be expanded to businesses.
  • All grocery stores asked to hold first opening hours for the elderly and vulnerable.
  • The Mayor is coordinating with the federal and provincial governments on stimulus spending.
  • Metro mayors have convened a daily call to coordinate their efforts.
  • Essential services only will continue on the lower east side.

Parks Board Closures

  • All community centres
  • All public pools, fitness centres and ice rinks
  • VanDusen Gardens
  • Golf courses
  • All public libraries

We will continue to update you as things develop.