Industry Disappointed by More Red Tape from City of Vancouver

Posted March 3, 2022


Industry Disappointed by More Red Tape from City of Vancouver


March 2, 2022

Vancouver, BC – This week the City of Vancouver released the new guidelines for its public patio program that should have been designed to support small businesses.  Instead, the program lays out additional fees, red tape, and duplication of effort for those restaurants and breweries looking to keep their successful public patio open this summer.  Despite aiming to “streamline the review process” the additional hurdles imposed create such significant delays that Vancouverites will be hard-pressed to find an outdoor patio this summer.

Under the new 34-page guidelines, small businesses will be required to pay increased fees, retain a structural engineer, and prepare scaled architectural drawings, totalling at least $5,000 for a patio as small as 6 square metres.

As we look to reinvigorate our downtowns and support these small businesses that have struggled to keep their doors open during the last two years, we are incredibly disappointed by the extra fees hoisted upon small businesses”, said Ian Tostenson, President & CEO of the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association.

It is frustrating that as we work towards pandemic recovery and continue to try to keep British Columbians safe, the City of Vancouver’s imposed restrictions has created more delays and confusion for both the summer and year-round patio application process,” said Ken Beattie, Executive Director of the BC Craft Brewers Guild. “The City has failed to deliver a streamlined process and our customers will not be able to enjoy local craft beer on a patio this summer due to red tape and regulations.”

The industry and Council should have had an opportunity to comment on or approve these new guidelines before the guide was released. At a time when economic recovery and supporting our small businesses is a priority, the City of Vancouver should not be adding more red tape and fees”, said Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung.




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